The biggest success came many years later along with the Bristol Combination Cup. Yet, the club was always one of the leading ones in Bristol.

In the mid 90's however, during the huge structure changes in the league, the club suffered difficulties in gaining any major success in the league rugby.

An another glorious era for rugby in Bristol began a decade ago from now. Back then, the club gained promotion to the National League rugby, and won two Bristol Combination Cup titles and a runners up. This success would not be achieved but for our young talents, who are extremely hard-working and goal-oriented.

Nowadays, the club welcomes all age groups. The youngest (3-5yrs olds) are taught the basics of the game with a smile on their faces. The senior section is also featured in our club.

The club is an amateur organisation, combining the modern views on the game with the traditional values, and a grass root status. We love competing with larger clubs, often outside of our small industrial community.

At the same time, we want to introduce to the game our best local talents. Therefore, we provide facilities for young members of the club, so the local community can develop its sporting and social skills.