Do you enjoy drinking a pint while watching your favourite competitive game? Join our community. We are proud to be the regular attendees of the “Super Sunday” event, which is a common way for the whole families to spend their day out. The day begins at 10am with the training sessions of juniors. We eat lunch together in a clubhouse, and then we go to prepare for the pre-match parade, which is a cheerful and colourful way to reach the Memorial Stadium. The juniors then form the legendary ‘Tunnel Of Honour’.

“Club Together” Scheme

We are the first club being involved in the new initiative created by Bristol Rugby. “Club Together” is a scheme, which offers involvement in such projects as the above mentioned “Super Sunday”. Moreover, as a club we are offered to attend Bristol Rugby games for discounted prices. We are allowed to attend Bristol Rugby’s social events and we are given an honour of wearing the Bristol badge.

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